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Experience the power and simplicity of internet access with BlendedIP.
Our fixed pricing options for datacenter internet access means that you can enjoy consistent
and reliable service delivery while saving money and reducing overhead.


BlendedIP LLC

At BlendedIP, we understand the struggle of having to negotiate and sign lengthy contracts for internet access in your datacenter. That’s why we offer a solution where you can simply pay for the internet access you need, with no hidden fees or surprise charges. With BlendedIP, you can focus on your business and leave the internet access to us.


Fill out the availability form below to see if you are already in a connected datacenter or to request access in a new location.  Requesting access in a new location requires a refundable deposit to be placed equal to 1 month of service at the port speed you are requesting.  After filling out the form you will hear from us within 2 business days.


Join the waitlist today to be the first to experience our fast and reliable internet access at your location. With our deposit system, you can ensure your spot in line and be confident that you will receive the service you need when it is available. Deposits are fully refundable until your service is activated.  Once service is available and you opt to connect to the network, your deposit will be applied to your first month's bill.  


Once activation is ready, your deposit is applied to your first month's service and is no longer refundable.  You can enjoy your service for one month or many without commitment. Get started today!


Ordering Process 

Curious to know if your datacenter is connected to our network?
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